Business Areas

Media Rights

Profile Partners has more than 20 years of international experience in dealing with the best possible exploitation strategies and monetization of media rights. We help clients design and deliver product solutions that create value, build new and strengthen existing assets, allowing clients to increase revenues and improve customer experience.


Profile Partners helps clients to perfect production capabilities as well as to construct an optimized set of tools to manage, engage and improve as well as assess their assets by identifying a blend of technology partners.


Profile Partners works with clients to identify where to focus and solve problems with respect to regulatory issues regarding media rights and their impact. We use highly experienced lawyers to elaborate position papers or perform forensic analysis for formal competition or regulatory inquiries.


Profile Partners helps clients assess and strategize the commercial due diligence for new projects (i.e. new tender, new market entrants, …) and support them in securing appropriate funding to bridge the gap in a transitional phase.